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Transportation in Chicago is a breeze. If you are used to the craziness of European cities and not to mention the winding roads, small cars, and daring drivers, Chicago will be a match made in heaven. The cities in United States were preplanned and all are laid out in a grid form. The public transport is very easy to understand and the buses have screens which display the street name while trains announce the stop. Every few blocks there will be a major street on which the buses will be running usually until midnight.To find the bus station just look for a bus sign like this one.

The pricing system in Chicago- you have 2 choices either single ride or transfer. Single ride costs $1.75 while transfer is $2 and be be used 3 times total within 2 hours. With the card you can transfer between buses and trains because they both use the same system. If you wish to get a map you can get it at any train station for free or you can go to Chicago Transit Authority's web site, which includes a lot more information, and I would strongly recommend you look at their web site before using commute.

    If you have a family your best choice would be to buy a car. The best deals are on used cars usually around 8 to 10 years old and they can cost from $1000 to $3000. Car dealerships are located all over Chicago almost every few blocks. You can also get the cars from other people who place their ads in newspapers (Look for classifieds in Sun Times or Chicago Tribune) or if you see a car with "For Sale" sign. When you start the buying process be sure to read all the information carefully before signing the agreement papers and be sure to bargain to get the best price. If you are able be sure to pay in cash because then the dealer or the person usually will discount the price. After getting your car, register it with the state and keep your title (proof of ownership) in a safe place. Afterwards get a insurance. Best and most known insurance companies are All State and State Farm.

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