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In United States a checking account is a must, so there are banks on every corner. Every check from the job must be put through a bank and none of the money can be given hands on otherwise it will be illegal. You can also get a variety of options for savings account or checking/savings account. If you have children it would be smart to start a savings account specially dedicated for a college fund. For that information it would be best to talk to the people at the bank. I would recommend Bank 1 because it is available country wide.

   After some time in Chicago you will notice you will need a credit or debit card. The difference between the two is that on credit card money will be charged that you will have to pay off later, while debit card directly deducts the money from your checking account. If you have a choice between the two I would suggest the debit card because you will not charged hefty charges. For more information check your bank because the charges vary accordingly. The best credit card companies are Providian and MasterCard

   Almost every bank has safes that can be rented out for a very nominal sum ($50 or less per year) in which you can store all your valuables which I would suggest.

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