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When bad times come you will have to go to a hospital. The hospital expenses and medicine in United States is very expensive. You will have to get a good insurer or pay the big price tag for your health, which of course is invaluable ;).

Best Children's Hospital

Children's Memorial Hospital (773) 880-4000 - 2300 N Children's Plz, Chicago, IL 60614

Other Hospitals

ADVOCATE Trinity Hospital (773) 967-2000 - 2320 E 93rd St, Chicago, IL 60617

Swedish Covenant Hospital (773) 878-8200 - 5145 North California, Chicago, Illinois 60625

If you are have a emergency call 911 and the ambulance will come to pick you up. If you don't have a emergency and you have a car use Map Quest to find the driving directions or use CTA which will provide you with detailed instructions on which bus and train to take to reach your destination.

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