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Schools in USA are quite different then Serbian schools. The American schools are organized in a 6-2-4 system. 6 years are spent in the elementary school, 2 years in junior high, and then 4 years in high school. After that there is the option of college or university which could range anywhere from 2-8 years or more in school. To have you child go to school you just have to go to the school, apply, and that's it. To find the list of schools you should look at Chicago Public Schools web site. There are many different levels and honors classes which you might enroll your child in. If you have the need to go to the libraries you should check out their addresses at Chicago Public Libraries. The most famous public university in Chicago is UIC. There are not a lot of fees associated with the schools especially K-12. However when you go to college there are considerable costs of up to 15,000$ at UIC which is one of the cheapest colleges. But if you apply for FAFSA, which is the government aid you might not be paying anything at all depending on your financial situation.

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