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Family Programs

There are many family programs that are able to help our people when they first arrive to United States.

Public Aid-Provides medical assistance to needy families so that they are able to pay for doctor visits and medication. All legal immigrants usually get 3 months when they first arrive to United States.

Kidcare-A program also by government which provides medical assistance for children up to age of 18.

Food Stamps-Coupons that arriving immigrants get for 3 months which provide money so that family can buy certain foods.

Link Card-Same concept of Food Stamps but only on a card which is automatically refilled. Usually used by people who have continuous need for Food Stamps.

To check all the benefits you can receive go to Government Benefits web site that will ask you a short questionnaire and will show results of  what benefits you are eligible for. After that you will receive a list which will help you find local offices.

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